Clock Tower Sketch

got the shape of the top wrong on the large one, so had to try again (the small one).


These golden tops were tricky, because painting them I needed to shadow yellow. Yellow is a difficult color to darken. I did have my valiant Payne’s gray with me, but just for the sake of art I painted the tops with three primaries (in this case, transparent lemon yellow, quinacridone rose and indanthrone blue). Basically, I used violet to neutralize yellow.


One Evening…

One evening I saw a particularly beautiful sunset, which I to no avail tried to capture on my phone camera. After the third photofail I just grabbed my paints, and finally got a satisfying picture. Usually skies and clouds are my nemesis (and you can see how I ruined this one with inappropriately watery glaze). I like this one, however.

Pigments used: indanthrone blue + cerulean PB35 for the sky, quin lilac PV19 with a touch of quin magenta PR122 for the clouds. I could have probably just used PR122 and some warm blue mixed in different proportions, but I wanted to keep the colors as saturated as possible, so opted for four different pigments instead.


After scanning this, I found out the remedy for the watery glazes. You see that thin annoying deposit of pigment that marks the edges of the puddle that had been there? You can just lift these things with an almost dry brush after the painting is completely dry. I tried this method with this very sketch, and it works. Be careful to not overwet your brush!!

My New Home

It’s been a while since my last post. Something exciting has been happening in my life — I moved to Canada! I am now a Canadian permanent resident, and I am looking forward to making Greater Vancouver area my permanent new home!

Totem posts at Stanley park, Vancouver

Some Food to Post

I’m into Postcrossing, and one of my recipients appears to like postcards showing traditional cuisine.

White Nights watercolor, Faber-Castell liner
White Nights watercolor, Faber-Castell liner

So I decided to sketch my dinner for the guy, as today we are just having a piece of traditional cuisine: Ukrainian soup called “borscht”. It’s bright red because of beets and tomatoes, and people (including me) like adding sour cream and dill to it. This soup absolutely cannot go without traditional Ukrainian sort of rye bread with some garlic (yes, garlic – not very social-friendly, perhaps, but so delicious!)

What do you traditionally eat in your country? It would be interesting to see some sketches! 😉

Sketching Under Rain

Umbrella in one hand, album in the other, watercolor set in the… well, the other, too, I guess… – what can be more convenient?

Mirror Stream - fountain in Kharkiv, Ukraine

This is one of my most favorite places in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This fountain was built soon after the World War II, it’s called “The Mirror Stream”. It’s very beautiful when it’s working, but on the day I sketched this, some reconstruction was going on, so the water had been shut down. Thankfully, I never felt any lack for water on that day, it rained cats and dogs!

[White Nights watercolors, Faber-Castell liner.]